Firstly a site visit to the garden is required. This is an opportunity for the client to let us know which areas of their garden are working and which need to be improved, how the client would like to use their garden in the future and any new elements they would like to be included in the re-design.


After the design estimate is accepted a detailed survey of the garden is required. Smaller gardens can be completed in-house, larger more complicated gardens require a specialist surveying firm to be employed. The survey forms the basis for the design process.


Initially we produce a rough concept plan which will have the major elements and layout detailed. At this stage the design is fully alterable and any changes required by the client can be made.


We have a meeting with the client to go through this concept plan and to discuss choices for hard landscaping materials.


Once this concept plan is agreed we will draw up the final plan, detailing all the hard works (paving/walling/steps etc.) and a full plant list.


After the final plan has been approved, we obtain quotes from three landscape contractors for implementing the plan. It is the client's choice which landscapers are employed.


Once the build is underway we can offer to regularly supervise the contractors, ensuring the construction matches the plan and that all building work is done in accordance with good practice, acting as a liaison between client and landscaper.


Finally, when the garden is finished, we have a number of knowledgeable garden maintenance contacts to keep the garden looking at its best.