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Oxford Garden
The brief was to transform this long, narrow garden, which had been visually cut in half by an old overgrown shrub, making it feel much shorter than it's generous 40 metres.
The clients wanted a sunny area to sit and eat as well as a private space outside the home office for a mid-morning coffee. The garden was designed as a series of 'rooms' with a curved, sinuous path linking all the areas. This path and the carefully placed hedges encourage exploration through the garden; the hedging both hiding and revealing enticing views.
The comprehensive lighting scheme means the garden is useable into the night and also provides a beautiful view from the house. Sunken way markers within the paving guide users along the path, recessed step lights illuminate the step treads to the kitchen and each pleached tree is uplit, making the most of the strong verticals provided by the trunks.
The planting is a mix of perennials and evergreen shrubs, to provide year-round interest. A generous amount of bulbs provides huge splashes of colour, even in the first year. The colour scheme is mostly burgundy, in both flower and foliage, with highlights of white and pink. This ties in well with the hard landscaping materials of black engineering bricks and grey sandstone paving.
All photos by Laura Burt.