Modern Courtyard
A new copper and glass extension to this 18th Century farmhouse left the courtyard garden needing to bridge the gap between modern extension and the rest of the garden, including a traditional stone boundary wall. The brief was to create a space that looked beautiful year-round since it would be the main view from the new kitchen. For the planting we interspersed formal domes of yew with wispy grasses complimented by pops of colour through the year from a selection of perennials and bulbs suited to this fairly dry and shady area. A re-purposed copper cheese vat provided a wonderful focal point as a water feature. Transforming the front garden was also within the remit and we used local stone for the raised beds to tie in with the existing boundary walls. A subtle lighting scheme gives the garden an extra dimension at night, especially when viewed from inside the new extension.
All photos by Laura Burt.
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