Family garden
victoria rd
Family Garden
The brief was to add a generous terrace area for outdoor dining and entertaining to complement the beautiful new glass extension. The garden also needed to be child-friendly with a large lawned area for football as well as a substantial trampoline and climbing frame.
The beech hedging at the end cleverly hides the children's play equipment and two sheds.
The design was done on a 45degree angle which creates large triangular beds for planting. The brief was for a mix of purple flowers and foliage contrasted with acid greens and yellows.The planting is a low-maintenance mix of perennials and evergreen shrubs, which provide year-round interest.
A mowing strip constructed from the same pale sandstone as the terrace performs a number of functions; framing the lawn and making a neat edge which is easy to keep looking good, preventing plants flopping on to the grass and making a visual link back to the terrace.
The lighting on the wide, generous steps and around the house means the garden is useable into the night.
All photos by Laura Burt.